Why our customers love us – Start Your Own Credit Consulting Business

There is a sense of confidence and accomplishment that comes with getting approved.

Starting your own credit consulting business gives the gift of saving thousands of dollars, getting approved, and lowering interest rates to someone who wants to get ahead in life.

You can give these gifts to others by learning how to Spring Clean a person's credit reports - commonly known as credit repair.

Think of credit repair as a Spring Cleaning for your credit reports. Delete what you don't want, dust off the vintage stuff you want to keep, and organize the rest.

It's that simple!

Spring Cleaning is something everyone should know how to do, Tamara teaches you the following:

  • How to read credit reports & dispute, update, and delete adverse and erroneous entries
  • Identify identity theft and help clients take measures to protect their personal information
  • Attract clients who are your biggest fans
  • Become an instant authority in the credit field
  • Work from home
  • Make the money you deserve
  • And More!

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