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My Story

I wasn’t supposed to leave my childhood home.
I was raised in neglect, trauma, and isolation.

I suspected that I was a child of rape for many years, which had a serious impact on my sense of value.

I constantly struggled to find love from my narcissistic mother and passive father only to be gaslighted, used, and scapegoated.

I cared for my 6 younger siblings while my parents lived across the street from us from the ages of 12 – 17.

Even with this foundation, I didn’t stop wishing, dreaming, and hoping to be educated formally.

I wasn’t allowed to go to school, and missed my K-12 education, but I didn’t let that stop me.

By the time I was 11 years old, I had self directed my own education to the point where I taught myself my basic skills (reading, writing, math, and science).

Then, I learned how to type 111 words per minute.

I began typing my handwritten short stories and that caught my mother’s attention.

She had carpal tunnel in both wrists and wore braces on both hands, making typing impossible.

She asked me to type her college papers and that became the breakthrough that changed what I knew was possible.

For the next 2 years, I typed papers for my mom and her classmates, tutored students on their English grammar, and proofread and edited every type of written document from my mother’s associates to bachelor degrees.

At 13, I had developed my own typing service and my business was flourishing.


This gave me the opportunity to attend my local community college as a dual enrolled home school student.

I began to understand the extent of my trauma after taking an intro college courses in psychology at 14 years old. I learned about societal problems, cultural challenges, and other issues people faced in sociology and anthropology courses. This sparked my interest in my family’s history, helping me to better understand my family’s generational trauma.

I corrected my own stutter and learned the fundamentals of public speaking from my speech class. I was given tools while I was young to find healing through education.

I graduated high school at 14 years old and became a college student part-time.

I’ve known since I was 5 years old that I was put on Earth to help others, but I carried the patterns of trauma into my adult life and relationships.

I suffered from low self-esteem, lack of self-love, emotional terrorism, and poverty.

I also lacked mentorship and guidance, my college career turned into mounting debt and no solid direction.

My family lacked value for me and I felt greatly unloved, but I knew I never wanted others to feel this way or suffer like I did.

I ran away from home at 17, learning my rights in the law and changing the dynamic in my parents home by putting them on the radar of Child Protective Services.

My mother still neglected my siblings, but I gave my siblings hope that they could make it out and guided them on becoming a part of society.

All 8 of them are incredible individuals too.

By the age of 20, after suffering from identity theft when I ran away, I committed myself to learning everything I could about business systems so that I could make money and recover my credit.

A car accident with a drunk driver almost took all of my hard work away when I was faced with the possibility of long term disability.
My surgeon told me I would never walk unassisted again without a wheelchair or walker.

That was the final straw.

I thanked my surgeon for putting me back together, but I told him that I didn’t agree with him.

The rest was up to me.

As soon as my pain was managed and I started physical therapy, I approached my university basketball team and asked them if anyone would mind helping me strengthen my core muscles so that I could walk again.

One young man stepped up, and in 4 months, after working out five days per week on top of my two day per week physical therapy, I was working again full-time, walking completely unassisted.

This experience changed something in me, and I became an entrepreneur full-time with the same tenacity.


I invested in myself for the first time at 24 years old, getting coaching and mentorship.

I knew I couldn’t achieve my vision without a coach of my own.

At 25, my sales skills and my laser focus got the attention of a former millionaire who ran a successful family business in real estate investment landlord training.

My life changed financially overnight.

He was enamored with me, we got married, and I lost sight of my goals.

I went from $320 per month in child support and an occasional $1,000 sale to $75,000 per month, owned a jaguar x-type as my family car and a 2 seater Chrysler crossfire – I was the only driver.

We lived in condos and 4000 square foot homes when, only a short while before that, I struggled to even find heat as I had to live without a heating unit in the same house my parents lived in to separate from my siblings and me.

My life became night and day, and I learned how to invest in real estate as well as train others to become landlords.

Just as it seemed like my life was looking up, I found out in three months that my new husband was narcissistic like my mother but 10X worse.

He was physically, emotionally, and sexually abusive.

I had bruises around my neck from being choked that I hid with scarves. I slept under tables sometimes to stay out of his reach, and became pregnant three times in 2 1/2 years.

I miscarried my first two pregnancies, and when I found out I was pregnant a third time, I left with my baby’s life. He is 12 years old now, and his name is Nicholas.

The delivery service that brought my groceries was moving to Chicago and the young lady, her boyfriend, and her brother all came to my door to say goodbye. They introduced me to the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne because they believed that it would change my life. 

Doing research on Rhonda Byrne helped me find the book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles that taught me that there was this “thinking stuff” that brings you what you consume your mind with.

I found a group of people on YouTube when YouTube was only about 2 years old, who used the Law of Attraction to become co-creators of their reality.

Over the course of the next year, I made 1000 videos outlining and achieving my goals.

I didn’t know how I was going to change my life up to that point, but I knew it was going to happen.

When I left my marriage, I created Better Than Credit Repair, a coaching business that taught people why their credit was important and what it could do to help them realize their dreams.

I created a tri-fold brochure and talked to everyone I could about it. This brochure turned into my first book.

When I divorced in 2008, I had a new lease on life.

I was 28 years old with 3 children and was actively using the Law of Attraction to help me build credibility so that I could realize my dream of becoming a transformational speaker.

I became aware of the destructive patterns I carried within me from my traumatic past that could be passed on to my children if I didn’t do something about it.

I vowed not to duplicate that through my children and to focus on healing my trauma. I became a more conscious parent, facilitating their growth in mental health and supporting the people they are meant to become.

I was able to recover from identity theft and turn my unusable credit to good credit and protect it even in the face of divorce and poverty.

Wellness wasn’t a concept I knew of or understood, but I was committed to creating something good out of all of the bad I had been handed in life.

Can you relate?

My life has been riddled with trauma, abuse, and life’s obstacles, but I knew I could become someone great.

Despite it all.

By becoming aware of my traumas and their effects, I was able to:

  • Heal from their destructive patterns
  • Become emotionally free from the feelings associated with my past
  • Rewire my subconscious mind to be success focused
  • Master the art of creating a greater vision for my life that fuels everything I do each day
I went back to college in 2009, finishing my bachelors degree in 2010, and got my masters degree in 2013 in teaching English as a second language on a college/university level.

In 2014, I self-published my first #1 best selling book, Better Than Credit Repair, going on to self publish 13 others with 7 additional international best sellers in only 2 years.

I started helping new and seasoned authors from around the world to self-publish their own best selling books with my self-publishing company Legacy Best Sellers.

Now, as a single mother of 5 children, I’ve gone from:

  • Being overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, C-PTSD, and fear of rejection from trauma, to rewriting my life story, creating a legacy of healing through building a foundation of self-awareness, self-love, and self-care without medication or therapy.
  • Going from unusable credit and being a victim of identity theft to creating two best selling books on personal credit development and helping people from across the nation to learn the exact money management techniques they need to eliminate debt, save money, and invest in themselves and their children.
  • Being without skills, credibility, and even feeling stuck in life to becoming an 8x best selling author of personal development, personal finance and Children’s books with 16 titles, as well as helping new authors to publish their own best selling books.
  • Being without a stable income and not making enough money for a decent place to live, to creating multiple streams of income in several different areas including real estate investing and intellectual property.
  • Losing jobs out of lack of support, getting degrees that felt useless, and being unsure about my career choices, to creating an online coaching business that utilizes all of my skills, expertise, gifts, and talents to make an impact on people’s lives.

My Programs

Join The Vision Board Challenge!

This 4-Part Master Class is available for free in the Mothers Loving Life: Empowering Moms To Build A New Life After Abuse Group on Facebook!

Are you a mom who is entrepreneur minded, wants to make more money, create more time to enjoy your children, and begin the transition from your career to working for yourself?


A mompreneur who has made the transition to working for yourself, but coaches in the past just couldn’t see the vision you were building, leaving you feeling stuck and without support?

I see you.

  • Go from "What Now?" to "WOW!" - Find the magic ingredient every vision needs but most lack before you get started putting it down on paper
  • Discover That A Vision is Worth a Million Possibilities - If a picture is worth a thousand words… then the vision you build will blow your mind! Create the greatest vision of your life NOW!
  • Shift From Chaos to BOSS by Building A Vision That Checks ALL of Your boxes!

Mothers Loving Life Academy

This comprehensive 6 month case study is by application only and is limited to a small amount of students to provide the greatest amount of support.

There are three major phases of the MLL Academy case study:

  • 1.Healing - Achieve emotional freedom from your past so that your ideas can flow and you can concentrate on the present
  • 2.Transformation - Learn the exact steps you need to create a vision from scratch, show up in your life powerfully, and end self-sabotage
  • 3.Becoming - Gain the skills that will knock out your goals quickly and efficiently so that you can live the life you envision

This Comprehensive 6 Month Coaching Program Includes

  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly EFT Exercises (Every Monday)
  • Private community for accountability and support
  • 1:1 unlimited sessions
  • Book - Mother’s Loving Life: 365 Powerful Affirmations to Heal from Trauma Book
  • Book - BONUS - Handbook to help you protect and scale your credit toward your goals
  • Guided Meditation Videos
  • Monthly Vision Board Parties

You will:

  • Learn how to shift from chaos to BOSS with my C.O.F.F.E.E. method - start every day with the fuel you need to stay focused on your goals.
  • Use the F.E.E.L. framework to guide you on your journey so that you can measure all of your exciting milestones on the way to achieving your greater vision
  • Build multiple streams of passive and active income to support your lifestyle instead of creating a lifestyle around your income. Add to your credibility, and strengthen your financial base.
  • Rewire your subconscious mind for happiness and positivity, and get the negativity out of your life for good.

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