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About Tamara

Tamara Rasheed is a literary publicist, owner of her own publishing house called Legacy Best Seller Publishing, and is a self-publishing CEO from Detroit, Michigan who aims to help authors become fearless in their marketing and promotions.

Ms. Rasheed uses business systems to helping new and aspiring authors find their ideal readers, write and self-publish books on demand, and advocates for authors to keep and build their royalties through skill building and skill sharing.

Established in 2014, Legacy Best Seller Publishing specializes in creating transformational books that convert traffic into readers, readers into raving fans, and raving fans into paying clients. We don’t keep author royalties. Instead, we empower authors who are afraid to market and promote themselves to stop hiding from their readers so that they can build relationships, infuse their reader’s emotions into their books, and spread their messages around the world through media and strategic marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questioned

Why should I consider publishing a book over self-publishing?

All books publish the same way – to Amazon, your website, or through other platforms – and everyone uses self-publishing skills, whether you’re hiring someone else to publish your book, getting a contract from a publisher to publish with their brand, or publishing yourself. You shouldn’t consider publishing a book over self-publishing, you should learn how to be your own publishing house because you will still need to do most of the work, regardless.

The goal with publishing is to have a professional help you produce books quickly to help you meet your goals as an author.

Publishers shouldn’t encourage you to publish instead of self-publish, but to use publishing as a tool to help you get your transformational books out into the marketplace quickly and efficiently, now that you understand how to create marketable and transformational books for your audience.

Why don't you take author royalties? Doesn't that take money out of your pocket?

Author royalties are a stream of income that has the potential to make the financial lives of author’s easier. Legacy Best Seller Publishing takes pride in empowering and encouraging authors to build six figure self-publishing businesses with multiple streams of income. By building royalties, you are able to get your investment back for publishing your books over and over and over again, saving you money instead of costing you. It is far more beneficial to LBSP to help authors spread their messages of inspiration, empowerment, love, healing, and ministry than it is to take any author royalties.

Why isn't my book selling?

Books are often not created as marketing tools, but as educational and informational texts. This vital mistake makes your book invisible in the marketplace, boring to read, and difficult to visualize in your reader’s life. Your readers simply can’t find you! Your book was likely not designed with your reader’s immediate wants, urgent pains, guilty pleasures or emotions in mind. Send us an email and tell us about your book here: tamara@tamararasheed.com. We would love to help! 

Can you help me to improve my self-publishing skills by being a better marketer?

YES! We have several options to help meet your needs.

The Self-Publishing Checklist – Find out what each step of the writing, publishing, and marketing process looks like before you dive in and use this checklist to help you walk through it on your own. Get an in-depth look at the 5 step VALUE framework that I use to write and self-publish transformational books!

Fearless Marketing For Authors DIY Course – This Do-It-Yourself course has 30 videos, worksheets, and free trainings to show you how to write, publis, and market your books, to establish a stable, reliable, business as your own publishing house. Publish your own books and the books of your friends as well!

The Book Seller Accelerator 90 Day Coaching Program – This coaching program meets you right where you are in the writing, self-publishing, or marketing/promotions process, and helps you to write & sell your transformational book using the the 6 step Raving Fan Formula: 

1. The VALUE Framework For Writing & Selling Transformational Books

2. Build Your Golden Team To Write, Self-Publishing & Market Books On Demand

3. The 5-Way-Pay System that creates a 5 streams of income from every book you write!

4. PRP Launch Method – Pricing, Reviews, Press Releases – launch your book to cash and momentum every single time!

5. Media Momentum – Get media ready for radio, television, and newspapers to brand and scale your business

6. Viral Sensation – Sell more books with The 4 Bs – Businesses with Budgets who Buy Books and alternative methods of selling books – virally!